A date with Anna Hazare at Ramlila Maidan Delhi

On Sunday Aug 21st 2011, I with 2 of my friends decided to go to ramlila maidan Delhi to prop up anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare and his lokpal bill. We boarded bus from Gurgaon and as soon as we reached Delhi border we could see people on busses, autos, motor bikes carrying Flag & shouting slogans like “Anna tum sangharsh karo hum tumhare saath hain” and “Inquilab Zindabad”. Enthusiasm was visible all across from Gurgaon to Delhi and it got incredible as soon as we reached Minto Road where we joined a rally towards Ram Lila Ground.

Anna Hazare is the hope of India

Anna Hazare is the hope of India

Best part was despite lot of excitement everyone was in good mood including police whose faces were showing a moral support to all activist.

We reached Ram Lila Ground and got a glimpse of Anna ji who was silently & graciously watching all the activities & emitting peaceful vibes all across the ramlila maidan.

One by one speaker were coming on the podium and sharing their thoughts most notable to me was Medha Patkar ji a veteran from Narmada bachao andolan. She shared a couple of thought-provoking statements to support anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare, she said this movement is so strong & reasonable that all other things like save tree, save river, save village &  including her own baby Narmada bachao andolan very small, because this is the matter India & its pride which is all together a bigger cause.

Medha Patkar from narmada bachao andolan to anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare

Medha Patkar from narmada bachao andolan to anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare

She also changed the de facto slogan from  “Anna tum sangharsh karo hum tumhare saath hain” to “aao hum sangharsh karein Anna humare saath hain” the idea was its not Anna alone that we can depend & expect a miracle, we all need to come forward in quest of making this anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare victorious . Another activist made some strong statement against parliamentarian he rightly said they are public servant picked by public but have forgotten how to behave so it’s ultimately mistake of public who is not taking action as a king in order to make MPs realize that they are just servant.

Thousands of people across all ages from small kids, to teens, elderly all were showing support to Anna’s mission. I asked one of the kids around 4 years of age why he has come here, he innocently replied to have chole kulche but still it was good to see involvement and sprit of selflessness. Young girls were volunteering to make ground clean carrying loads of trash on burning hot day; also there was free distribution of water pouch, biscuits, bananas etc.

Around 3 hours we were sitting on ramlila maidan and were now feeling tired and hungry, so decided to dariyaganj, where we had chole bathure, bread pakoda and gulab jamun while I was eating I realized that it just took 3 hours to make us distracted to come out and have food but Anna jiinside has been fasting for last 6 days & would continue to do so, it’s not so easy for such an elderly person who is definitely a role model for simplicity yet firm & strong.

Outside Ramlila Maidan

Outside Ramlila Maidan

I don’t know what would be the outcome of anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare but it has definitely made an impact on the current government & entire society, we should not sit & expect miracle to happen but everyone need to do their bit not by just wearing cap that says “mei anna hun” but also acting likewise. Shobhaa De  in her recent article in TOI mentioned that Anna is no intellectual heavyweight, to certain extent I agree, so we need more caps that say “mei anna hun” who can intellectually, spiritually, emotionally fill in the gaps if it exists.


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I firmly belief that one of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat them at politeness
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2 Responses to A date with Anna Hazare at Ramlila Maidan Delhi

  1. The non violence and ahimsa principle has still glorious power, thats what Anna is showing us. I do strongly support and agree with the saying ““AAO HUM SANGHARSH KAREIN ANNA HUMARE SAATH HAIN”!

  2. Sibendu Nag says:

    We are so busy with our daily routine that we hardly get time to stand for a cause. But when people like Anna stands to fight against corruption and bureaucracy, we must show our support and that is exactly what the country is doing.
    There is no second thought, the best way to throw the culture of rampant corruption is by the refusal of every citizen to compromise and pay up, every single time. The union of million people for a cause will never get unnoticed and Anna really deserves our help for bringing this together.

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