Online marketing a necessity

I was collecting some stats on internet and got some really interesting facts so I am taking an opportunity to share the same.
World population currently estimated to be 6.91 billion by the United States Census Bureau, but do you know that there are currently more than 1.83 billion Internet users! & 2.1 billion internet users are projected by end of 2011. And if you go a decade back there were just 361 million Internet users in the entire world which is barely two-thirds of the size of Facebook’s active profiles today.
More than 1 trillion pages of content is indexed by Google internet which is spread across more than 300 Million websites i.e. almost 150 pages of content per person alive is available on internet.

Graph below shows the Google’s progress in terms on indexing the content available on internet:

Now 97 % of consumer uses online media when researching products, where they go first? No points of guessing Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

2.9 million Searches per minute are done and Google being the market leader alone has estimated 10.3 billion searches every month. Now 70% of clicks are done in organic results so PPC alone cannot fetch you optimal traffic. Hence in current scenario we don’t have choice on whether we do online marketing/SEO/PPC/SMO but the question is how well we do it in terms of ranking on top 3 results organic results, in terms of minimizing our PPC expenses, in terms of engaging clients/prospects across social media such that we get recognized as thought leader of our target industry.

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2 Responses to Online marketing a necessity

  1. Nice, Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Pradnya says:

    good one arpit….u hv Elaborated the topic realy very well…liked it 🙂

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