Managing employee motivation

As business demands profitability so organization just focuses on productivity & efficiency of the individuals & employee become resource rather than an individual. Employer also become one dimensional with respect to the action done by people & don’t really care about the underlying intention. I am not saying that action is not important because we have to speak, we have to do or we have to get things done but all these if supported by true intentions would be cherry in the cake.

As organization grows it looks for more managers & leaders and in an attempt to recognize those leaders they tend to forget that it’s reasonable to have diverse people each having their own needs & motivational factors:

1. One category just works from 9 AM to 5 PM & consider their family as a priority.

2. Another category is people who just work to get salary & incentive & money is their biggest motivation.

3. Some of them are hungry for power & position.

4. Some would be motivated with the kind of projects they are offered & are passionate about their work. They may include some unsung heroes & also some acknowledged with roses.

5. Some of them are wanderer they don’t really care what’s going on in the company they just come because they don’t have any other option.

6. Some of them live in comfort zone they just make sure that no one raise a finger against them & they always flow downstream.

7. Also few are of upstream nature they always challenge the decision & don’t really care about the consequences.

8. Some are shrewd & blindly follow the top shots of the company just to get an unjustified advantage.

A true manager for me is the one who is mature enough to see the holistic view of the above array of people and understand what is their intent, what motivates them and use this information in the decision making process. For example a person who has prioritized his /her family if given some flexibility of working hours or work from home can be a great motivation for them. For those hungry for positions there is no problem in giving them title provided they are doing good work, similarly people who focus on work should be offered variety in projects also pull them from an unsung hero category, they might be media shy but everyone love recognition & always helps in motivating. Those who challenge in decision making can be involved in the process so that they could give more options & also become mature enough to understand the responsibility. Finally the shrewd category should be clearly communicated that this would not help at all.
The important thing to understand here is with better communication employee & employer can understand each others’ perspective, this will surely help in their day to day decision making process. Also with this understanding in place a lot of hullabaloo can be easily prevented in overall management of the organization.
One of the biggest challenges in professional growth of an individual is to remain self motivated, and in today’s swift environment where organization expects employees to be productive without giving instructions self motivation is the key to success.

If you do a work that has been offered to you it’s like an arranged marriage wherein with ignorance & social pressure you tend to be good performer, but if you choose your work it’s like a love marriage as you are self motivated to get someone you love. So do what you love but if not possible instantly in that case love what you do!

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