How to exit FTM in DELL XCD 28

Do you have DELL XCD 28? Stuck with the screen with 3 dead characters in Caps viz. FTM? Today this happened with my cell. I want to make sure no one could suffer the pain, distress, ache, throbbing of not getting a solution for a newly purchased mobile, that’s why writing this post. So here is what happened, I was just playing with my cell & just thought to restart it, did that & then realized that android could not boot & screen got jammed with 3 deceased characters FTM. I had no idea what the heck is FTM, I tried to switch that off, pressed it for 30 seconds, 1min, 2 min, 3 min & longer multiple times but all my efforts end up in vain. So from seconds to minutes to hours the screen remains freeze up with FTM. I tried to reach DELL rep through a mail but could not & then collected a service center address left from office early.

Some how managed to locate service center, showed my cell support rep. now this guy tried did same ploy tried to switch that off from the button at the top. I knew it won’t work & I was right. So he called up a Sr. engineer for Tech support this guy seem to be aware of this problem & quickly said that take the battery off & put it again & YES that worked finally.

He also said when we simultaneously press button at the top & ringer in the Top right the mobile enters in to FTM mode.

I purchased DELL XCD 28 just to get the feel of android & I love Dell as a Brand, camera quality & battery backup is modest for this phone and my previous phone N73 which I lost 😦 was better since it had flash which is missing in DELL XCD 28.


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2 Responses to How to exit FTM in DELL XCD 28

  1. Santosh Kumar says:

    Thanks Arpit for sharing this!

  2. Karan says:

    Should have bought HTC Wildfire, bought the same and its a fanstastic experience. No doubt the Android technology is just awesome, however, its a problem with the handset.
    Apparently its true if one buys a new handset and starts facing issues, which probably you faced. No doubt Nokia are best however, talking about tech, Android is kool…..
    I however feel that you have done a great work by publishing this online, as it would help many people facing the issue which you faced.
    Aur bhai all things apart…humse miloge nahi???

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