Top 10 trends in search marketing

Today I would like to share some of the important trends that all search marketers should be aware of, I will have a short description for each of the points today, but I will try to cover it in details one by one in my coming posts.

1. With Google Caffeine one can expect 50% fresher results & indexing process at much faster rate as good as real time, in fact if your brand is quiet active in Twitter one can see real time results for a given search query with Brand string attached .

2. Local search results are getting mixed into organic results & Occupying prominent real estate so we got understand such queries that trigger results dominated by local listings.

3. Social media has now an influence on Google/BING ranking e.g. research shows proportionality between FB likes and page authority, links in tweet from an authoritative person does provide a boost up in SERP.

4. Rich snippets are resulting better CTR although as if now review sites, social networking & professional networking sites are eligible. Colors of ratings & review information do provide a call to action within organic results consequently enhances CTR.

5. YouTube as number 2 search engine makes it crucial to leverage on things like closed caption, Video site-maps & other Meta data for video optimization.

6. Site speed & ranking are now related so tighten your external CSS & java scripts files, minimize DNS lookups & redirects, enable gzip compression and be sure of consistency in URL structure while linking.

7. Vigilance by search engines content farms is going to increase as seen obvious in a panel discussion among Harry Shum of Bing, Rich Skrenta of Blekko, Matt Cutts from Google and moderated by Vivek Wadhwa.

8. New search engine players like Blekko who have manually removed content farms including well-known has become a role model with Google following similar trend although they were relying on their magical algorithm in the past.

9. Emerging international search engine player like Yandex from Russia and Baidu from China are doing good job in their respective states so think beyond Google.

10. Improved indexation & crawling ability of Googlebot for Flash content & Java scripts has removed barriers to certain extent but that does not mean one should prefer Flash site over SHTML.


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