SEO is not a spam and same goes for PPC

Their has been a debate across the industry about SEO credibility, I would like to first of all thanks Matt Cutts who is as good as Face of Google for making a wonderful comment & confirmation on his support for good SEO & SEO professionals credibility and importance. Follwing is the comment he made in his blog on search neutrality:

“I don’t believe all search engine optimization (SEO) is spam. Plenty of SEOs do a great job making their clients’ websites more accessible, relevant, useful, and fast. Of course, there are some bad apples in the SEO industry too.” In fact I he has made similar statement earlier as well in web 2.o expo.

I would also like to extend his statement for PPC & SEM professionals, think about TV or radio ads even if you are skinny person you are still forced to see or hear a weight loss ads but with PPC the beauty is you click it on your own discretion. So a well targeted ad is good for all 4 groups advertiser, publisher, visitor & Google as a search engine. Matt you are the best!

Adwords or paid advertising itself provides both pull and push strategy to get your prospects on board. Search made through Google provides a prospect with a defined intent through the typed keywords & a magic moment at which supplier/service provider can display ads based on the intended search. Another way is sort of push strategy in which Google content network in form of thousands publisher allow to display ads while people are browsing those sites, here ads have some relevance based on the context of the web page. So in short I would say the combination of SEO and SEM can do wonders for any business under firmament.


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